Is there still room for print media in today's business environment?


There is no doubt that over the last 10 years, print media has lost ground to the digital age. With competition coming from smart phones, tablets, internet, social media, and many other forms of digital media, it is often asked if print is still relevant. The answer is of course, absolutely. Printing is still a key element in every business marketing campaign, from the everyday handouts like business cards and brochures, to the specialty direct marketing collateral such as postcards and sell sheets.  The window of opportunity for your presentation is very short so it is important that your target audience is captured enough to stop and actually read the material.

Technology is not needed to carry printed material as it is tangible, portable and mold-able. A person can feel the texture of the paper, turn the pages of a magazine, see the brilliant colors shine on the page of a high-gloss photography book. Paper can be any weight, size, shape or color, it can enhance an idea and become a work of art. When used in advertising, print can become larger than life in the form of billboards and posters, or it can be the smallest printed teaser card to generate buzz of a new retail store opening.

Remember that a printed piece of marketing can engage a person, interacting with them in ways the web cannot. Print should also be used in concert with the digital world, like the use of QR codes to drive traffic to websites in a quick and effective way. Statistics show that campaigns that combine printed direct mail pieces with internet advertising yield up to a 25% higher response rate than using internet alone, according to the Direct Marketing Association.