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McHenry looks to us...

So what makes Black Frog Marketing different ?

  • Creativity

    Creativity does not just start and stop with a drawing or design, it encompasses your entire campaign, the presentation of your entire company. Creativity ensures your promotional products will be unique and focused on your campaigns theme. Creativity ensures the design of your printed materials will capture your audience and deliver the right message.

  • Project Management

    Project management means consistency in the presentation of your company. Ensuring that your your brand is being presented with the same level of detail and design across multiple medias (web, print, apparel, ad-specialties) is a crucial ingredient to marketing success. Small changes in theme or appearance do to a lack of multiple outside vendors not communicating can not only be frustrating, but reduce your overall brand recognition. Our ability to oversee your individual projects and keep them in the focus of your entire presentation will ensure the consistency you desire. 

  • We Don't Just Hear You, We Listen

    We are not here to push a certain brand or item, especially if it is not PERFECT for your needs. We will do what it takes to expertly dial in the perfect promotional product, staying within the scope of your presentation and the theme of your campaign.

  • Commission Free

    We are here for you, and not for a commission fee. We do not work on a the basis of any kind of commission or volume based incentive based structure. Our only incentive is a thoroughly satisfied customer.

  • We Just May Tell You No... politely of course

    That's right, sometimes we just may disagree with your selection... and that's only because we may know of something BETTER. Our goal is not to just churn and burn orders, anyone can do that... we want you to be successful with everyone of your purchases. We want you to come back to us time and time again... and if your promotions fail, you probably won't be coming back.

  • Financial Value

    We are a diverse marketing company covering Web Design, Graphic Design, Promotional Supply, and Printing, and as such we do not need to take full mark ups on our products. By establishing ourselves as your "Marketing Management Company", we have the ability to oversee all of your marketing materials to ensure visual and brand message consistency. That diversity allows us to keep our overhead low, our margins low, and your investment low. We are not here to push a certain brand or item, especially if it is not PERFECT for your needs.