Your site is attractive, but is it fast?

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Website Speed

So here is the thing... Google loves fast sites... PERIOD! You have to understand that Google really only has one goal, and that is to be human, or at least think as one. It wants to give you the most accurate and relevant results to your request (search) for information, and it doesn't want you to wait. But it's more than that, Google wants to send you to sites that not only match your search, but also sites that are updated with new content, built using contemporary, and sites that are also fast. If Google consistently sent you to boring, slow, outdated, and sluggishly slow sites, would you keep using Google? 


There is research that shows 40% of web surfers will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. So even if you have the latest and greatest, if it is not properly configured, those latest and greatest web gadgets may actually be slowing you down. Think of it as a carburetor on a car... yes it may run with a dirty, maladjusted carb... but it will run so much better with one that has been properly dialed in.

So how do I know where my site stands? I'm glad you asked... although there are several testing sites out there, what I have found to be my favorite is It is very easy to use, just put in your web address, hit go, and your site is scanned, and a very complete report is given on your site. You are not only given it's speed, but what areas are slowing it down. 

So speed up that site of yours, and give your visitors a better web experience.