You Don't Always Have To Pay For Product

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No, I am not talking about stealing! I am talking about partnership opportunities. 

If you would like to offer gifts at an upcoming event, why not ask one of your suppliers to share the cost? Many manufacturers and distributors these days have "marketing dollars" that you can earn by buying their products. This in turn can be used to offset some, or all, of your marketing expense. Now sometimes they will want their logo added to the branding of a product, but sometimes not. Joint promotional relationships benefit both parties involved...




  • Reduced cost in marketing collateral (printing, promotional products, etc.)
  • Ensures you continue purchasing their product
  • You get to be the face behind the "present"
  • Product exposure from an knowledgeable source 
  • Increases variety of marketing platforms
  • Increases variety of marketing platforms
  • Increases new customers
  • Increases new customers
  • Spreads out the marketing work load
  • Spreads out the marketing work load

This concept of course doesn't stop with your suppliers, nor does it stop with promotional products. Certainly you know of other companies that compliment your business. Have you ever thought of approaching them with plan to strategically partner with each other? Use the opportunity to cross promote your companies, share in the design and printing costs, and even offer incentives for visiting both businesses within a certain time frame. 

The bottom line is that we are all in this together (small businesses), and pooling our resources to work together in a smart and effective way to increase your business.