Why do designers charge a monthly fee?

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That is a question I have often asked myself. The truth is simply "Because they can". That of course doesn't mean they have to. I web designer is trying to make a living, like we all are, and what better way to ensure they will have clients coming back to them for their services than to have you rely on them for changes. You purchase a wonderful, fully functioning website that has all of the bells and whistles you were hoping for in a site, but every time you need to make a change, you contact you web designer, tell them the changes, and they make them... and then they charge you. Round and round you go, not knowing that it actually doesn't have to be that way.

greedyOf course you know that you can go and get a canned Yahoo site, or some other FREE site that gives you all of the power to adjust your content, but they are so limiting. What happens when you need to grow your site because your business is booming? Now you have to start all over again and have a new site created.

So you accept that a designer needs to make your adjustments... it really doesn't cost that much, does it? Well let's examine it from another angle. You want to make a change that you THINK will be what will look good. It could be adding or adjusting text, throwing it a picture or two, and creating some links. So you send the info over to the designer and they put it on the site (maybe within a week or so, hopefully) When you see the changes you find that it is just not what you envisioned so you make a few more changes and send that over. Same process happens, and something is still not right. How many times will you do this? At what point will you just stop and accept the changes, even though they are not perfect, only because you don't want to keep getting charged.

Will this effect the frequency of how often you change your website? Of course it will. And Google LIKES new (and relevant) content... it wants you to be updating your site! Kind of caught, aren't you?

This is why we create our websites in a way that gives YOU control over the editing. Now you can throw your feet up on the couch, grab a glass of wine, and make the adjustments yourself until you are satisfied. And if you choose to send yourself a check for being your new web designer... GO FOR IT!