Image sizing for your branded product

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You have done a ton of searching and have come up with the finest give away since being with your company. Perfect, all is going well. Now you realize that you have a limit as to the size of the imprint area (the area on to which the artwork will be placed). No biggie, I'll just reduce down the size of the artwork for it to fit. WRONG!


Just because it fits, doesn't mean it will be legible... it may even be too small for the printing process which will then bleed all of the artwork together and you have now ended up with a 2" x 3" blob. Aaaarrrggghhh! 




So now what? Well there are a couple of things to figure out:

What is more important, the item or the message?  

This may appear to be a strange question, but there are times when the product is announcing the message far better than the artwork that will go on it. If the item is part of a collection of products, or is a small part in a themed campaign, then it may be more important than the message.

Can the message (artwork) be abbreviated to still get the message across, but do it within the imprint area?

  This certainly depends upon the artwork... especially if it is text versus an image.
Is there more than one imprint area available on the product?   Very often an item can be printed on two sides, though be aware that there is usually an additional set up charge if the artwork is different, and also an extra run charge. (the charge for re-running the product through the printing process to apply the second imprint) So it could work to split up your artwork and essentially get twice the imprint space you thought you had.
Is the same product available in a different size?   Pretty self explanatory, but often forgotten... just ask if its available in a larger size.

Am I REALLY happy working at this company?

  Your call man... I'm staying out of this one.