Home Page vs. Landing Page: What's The Difference

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It is very important to understand not only the differences in these types of pages, but also what their goals are… and are not. Every page on your site needs to have a role in connecting with your prospective customer in some fashion, which in turn will improve your search engine rankings and drive more leads to your website.

Three Phases of Connection:

AwarenessConsiderationDecision Making

The Home Page house

It’s all in the title… HOME. Consider this the first impression your prospect sees. You Are Being Judged! Within ten seconds they will decide if they like your “house” or not, and if not, with the click of a back key they are outta there. The home page is there to direct them to either convert with educational content, sell them product (e-commerce), or move directly through your site to learn more. To do this you need to ensure you language speaks to them about them and their needs and not about you.

So take your time and accept that you will never get it right as you will always be slightly altering it to suit the growth of you client insight, the evolution of the market place, and the changing of your business to accommodate it.

The Content Page content

The content pages are the guts of the site, addressing the Consideration and Decision phases your prospect will next be in line for. These can include products, services, or stories that are more specific in their content compared with the home page, and are usually the most optimized for search engine results utilizing keywords, keyword phrases, and contextual search items. These pages should not only be informative though, they need to be organized. Organized in their individual presentation of content, and organized in the proper hierarchy so that by the time the prospect gets to the page, they are not too frustrated to continue. No one wants to wade through confusing links and menus only to find a giant page of text that is as appealing to read as a dictionary. Always work to keep your audience engaged.

The Landing Page landing page

The Landing Page is where you sink the hook. The prospect has been swimming around your site, nibbling at your content pages, and is about to strike… or are they? It’s up to you to land the deal and give them that additional nudge to commit. The content and language must be clear and concise, and not be another attempt to over-sell them. Know when to STOP! You have nurtured them along with your content pages, now you are underlining the benefits and how it is satisfying their need.

Now that we have them in our sights, we don’t want them to leave, so contrary to your content pages, there isn’t any navigation that can distract them and allow them to go elsewhere. That means of course that your content must be spot on. Concise and targeted wording that is compelling enough to capture their business.

The Landing Page should also be highly optimized for the client that comes there directly from a search engine. Not all visitors are going to walk through from the home page, you will have (hopefully) many that land on the page because it is completely satisfying their search query. In essence, they know what they want, have most likely already done the research, and they are ready to pull the trigger. It’s your job to show them why the need not search any longer… you HAVE the solution!

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