Brand Dilution

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magnifying glassBrand diluting is often associated with over use of a brand name to the point where it has lost its impact. This is often done through dramatic price cutting which ends up cheapening the brand. What I'm talking about though is diluting a brand through inconsistent marketing. The process of subtle changes taking effect through time to your presentations that in the end create a disconnect between your companies presentation. The fastest way for this to happen is with employee turn over. One person makes a small change, but then they are replaced with someone new a short time later and that person just makes a small change. Do this a few times, and over several media outlets, and you understand how easily it can happen.

So how do you prevent this from happening? Of course a manager that over sees everything is great, as long as that manager has the same vision as the owner, and they are not replaced frequently. Another option is to simply take everything that is used to present the company, and lay it all out next to each other. Nothing is too small here... I'm talking business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, signage, trade show displays, trade show giveaways, even a laptop with your website on it... All Marketing Material! Are the colors being reproduced the same? Is the message or tag line being used in the same format and position in relation to the logo? Even the basics... has your logo changed and you are still using the new and old logo together? 

Now is the time to identify the weak links and focus on the strong ones. Refreshing a company image can improve internal brand excitement as well as draw new attention from both new and existing clientele.

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